Stefania Heeris

Sr. Lighting Artist, Unity Technologies - Internal Productions Team

Stefania graduated college with a degree in Computer Graphic Arts in 2014 and has been working in the games industry ever since. Most recently she worked at Io Interactive as a lighting artist where she was the sole lighting artist for the game: Hitman 3 (2021).

Now she is the Sr. Lighting Artist in Unity's Internal Productions Team, responsible for crafting the unique visual look of Gigaya as well as being the stakeholder of the Lighting & Rendering subject matter expert group inside Unity.

Sessions by Stefania Heeris

From Unity’s Internal Productions: Crafting the immersive world of Gigaya

Day 2 (UTC+8) - 09:30 - 10:30
Language: English (accompanied with Mandarin/Chinese subtitles.)

One of the important factors that makes a game successful is an immersive world that captures the hearts of players, and expanding the world to realize the universe. In this session, you will get deeper insights into how Gigaya's vibrant characters and compelling worlds were brought to life using Unity's technology, tools, workflows and ecosystem. We'll also showcase how URP was used for lighting and rendering to achieve the unique look of Gigaya, and how we leveraged Shader Graph to craft the characters and environment of the sample game.

The audience will be able to check out the production process, and take a closer look at the Unity art tools to see how they were used to create Gigaya's world. From blockout to final art, URP's rendering technology, combined with features like Shader Graph, Decals, Volumetric Fog and more, lets you create worlds that catch your eye from the first pixel.