Russell Sng

Developer Advocate, Unity Technologies

Russell is an avid gamer who turned that passion into a career in game development to be able to create unique experiences in the virtual space. 

He has been working professionally in Unity3D and specializing in the last three years in VR. Now as a Developer Advocate at Unity, he is excited to be able to share with and enable other creators to take their projects to new heights with Unity Gaming Services! 

Past Unity projects have included implementing rehabilitation tasks in VR for healthcare, game design and character animation in A.I, non-traditional control schemes like eyetracking navigation in Unity for accessibility and integrating external hardware for a gesture-based game.

Sessions by Russell Sng

Multiplayer and Live Games Development with Unity Gaming Services

Day 2 (UTC+8) - 13:00 - 13:30
Language: English (accompanied with Mandarin/Chinese subtitles.)

Game development is seeing an exciting shift. Today, most games are ‘live games’, whether they are multiplayer or use cloud services to keep the players engaged with constant updates. Games don’t just launch. They live. This session will look at Unity’s Multiplayer Game Stack (Netcode, Relay, and Lobby), Game Server Hosting, and GameOps services such as Cloud Code, Cloud Save, and Economy.