Shelley Chen

Founder, Cloisters Interactive

Shelley Chen is an Taiwanese-American game designer and artist. She earned her BFA at the School of Visual Arts in early 2012 and began her professional career working on titles such as Guns of Icarus, Hamsterdam, and Super Senso. 

In 2018, Shelley earned her MFA at New York University and founded Cloisters Interactive, a game studio which employs a multinational workforce, shortly after graduating. Their debut project, A Memoir Blue, is published by Annapurna Interactive.

Sessions by Shelley Chen

A Memoir Blue - A beneath the surface examination of an interactive poem

Day 1 (UTC+8) - 15:40 - 16:10
Language: Mandarin/Chinese

A Memoir Blue is an atmospheric journey featuring a champion swimmer named Miriam who, on the day of her greatest achievement, begins to reflect on long forgotten memories. Developed by Cloisters Interactive and published by Hollywood-based publisher Annapurna Interactive. 

This session will be about how a small indie studio creates a unique artistic interactive poem without using a single word in the game, while also touching on the inspirations and production progress of A Memoir Blue.

This session is geared towards narrative game players and art lovers! Attendees will discover the behind the scenes secrets of the creation of a multi-platform interactive artwork. Also discussed will be the relationship between Cloisters Studio and Annapurna Interactive and how a small, first-title game studio garnered publishers’ interest in their unique project.